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Alison Anderson, MS Biography

Managing Editor of blog and K-8 Technology Teacher at Holy Cross Catholic School in Portland, OR
Pro to the question "Should Tablets Replace Textbooks in K-12 Schools?"

“I believe a [tablet] that allows for customization of font size, audio options, dictionary support, Internet research, note taking, and organization of notes can help students read and comprehend content at new levels that were not accessible to them previously. They also give instant access to books that previously had to be ordered, delivered, etc. There is a movement towards digital, up-to-date textbooks, so students can always read relevant information instead of outdated, recycled texts.”

As quoted in Sarah Cargill’s “Should Your School Replace Textbooks with E-Readers?,”, Aug. 18, 2012

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Pro & Con Quotes: Should Tablets Replace Textbooks in K-12 Schools?