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Jose Ferreira, MBA Biography

Co-founder and CEO of Bakpax
Pro to the question "Should Tablets Replace Textbooks in K-12 Schools?"

“Many people think a digital textbook means reading a huge PDF on their computer. But in reality, a new crop of digital textbooks is emerging that’s vastly more sophisticated than a mere collection of one-size-fits-all online content… When it is mature, online education will increase global access to education every bit as much as it took the printing press hundreds of years to do. But it will also do something the printing press, for all its revolutionary importance, did not do. Online education has the chance to vastly improve the content it distributes via extreme personalization.

The ongoing transition to digital textbooks won’t be easy. There are a number of barriers to adoption, some — like lack of access to broadband and digital devices — notably pervasive. But it’s certainly worth the effort. The FCC and Department of Education are doing an admirable job of spearheading this plan, both by bringing together stakeholders from across the digital ecosystem… as well as overseeing initiatives like the Digital Textbook Playbook, a roadmap to help teachers, administrators, and others tackle some of the particularly pervasive barriers to adoption… [W]e applaud the… strong leadership toward a next generation US education system that again leads the world both in terms of access and quality.”

“Digital Textbooks: US Government Ready for Next Chapter,”, Mar. 29, 2012

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Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Co-founder and CEO, Bakpax, Mar. 2017-present
  • Founder and Board Member, Knewton (online education platform), Jan. 2008-present
  • Partner, Draper Atlantic (now New Atlantic Venures), Jan. 2006-Jan. 2008
  • Strategist, John Kerry for President, Mar. 2004-June 2005
  • Managing Director, New Markets, Kaplan Inc., Jan. 2002-Mar. 2004
  • CEO, DizzyCity, 2000-2001
  • Associate, Goldman Sachs, June 1997-Feb. 2000
  • Product Director, Kaplan Inc., June 1993-Aug. 1995
  • Teacher/Academic Coordinator, Kaplan Inc., Oct. 1991-June 1993
  • Education:
  • MBA, Harvard Business School, 1997
  • BA, Philosophy, Carleton College, 1991
  • Other:
  • Recipient, Tech Pioneer Award, World Economic Forum at Davos, 2011
  • Finalist, Start-Up Challenge at, 2008
  • Twitter feed: @Knewton_Jose
  • Born on Dec. 6, 1968