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Pro to the question "Should Tablets Replace Textbooks in K-12 Schools?"

“As the Internet increasingly takes over different facets of life, it stands to reason that traditional educational methods are in line for a shake-up. Printed textbook information is static, the books are heavy, they’re costly, and they quickly become outdated. Seeing this, textbook manufacturers have moved to producing digital textbooks packed with interactive features, lightweight (or the weight of a student’s mobile device), lower cost, and easily updated with the latest and greatest information…

One positive of digital textbooks is undoubtedly their price tag. Digital textbooks eliminate the cost of replacing print textbooks every few years, since new content can be uploaded anytime. Additionally, schools can give students access to open-source educational resources-wells of information free for anyone to use.

Possibly the most impactful effects digital textbooks have had are on learning itself. Print textbooks have immutable information, small margins, and lack engaging characteristics. Some newly developed digital counterparts, however, such as Apple’s iPad textbooks, encourage a personalized learning experience… They invite students to create learning environments that, though standardized on one level, are, on another, uniquely theirs.”

“Traditional vs. Digital: The Changing Educational Content Landscape,”, Mar. 7, 2018


“We provide a safe, affordable Internet solution for students everywhere with the SmartSpot & SmartBus solutions, portable Wi-Fi for students & schools!…

More than 650 schools and districts across the nation have implemented the Kajeet solution, and that number continues to grow every week.”

Twitter description and “Frequently Asked Questions,” (accessed Nov. 21, 2018)


“When we started this company in 2003, we wanted kids to be agile with technology, to be empowered and safe, and we wanted to help them respond with confidence to what’s happening in their world. Not incidentally, we want parents, educators and guardians to be involved too. Being part of the mobile world is not just fun, it’s a responsibility – a shared responsibility. So we’ve designed Kajeet products to incorporate all the tools to help educators and families customize and manage every aspect of the mobile experience.”

“The Kajeet Story,” (accessed Nov. 21, 2018)

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