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Tommy Toy, MBA Biography

Management Consultant and Business Strategist at PBT Consulting
Con to the question "Should Tablets Replace Textbooks in K-12 Schools?"

“[W]e don’t think tablets will be replacement devices… anytime soon.

…[N]ot all socio-economic households and schools can afford a tablet, mobile apps, and access to WiFi for their school-aged children. For this reason, I am afraid that many families and classrooms will be left behind as tablet technology becomes mainstream. Only higher income households and schools scoring high on standardized tests will be able to afford these new technologies.

My other concerns are privacy issues and proper supervision of students as they gain access to the Internet. Teacher and parental supervision are paramount for all age groups to insure that they are not being exposed to improper online content. Teachers and parents must make sure that tablets are being used responsibly by their children and students, and that these devices are being used for educational activities, not just for playing games and online entertainment. We won’t know the affect tablets and computers will have on the quality of education. Goals must be established and educators must make sure that tablets and other mobile teaching devices are producing higher test scores and grades.”

“Teaching with Tablets: Adoption of Tablets by K-12 and College Students, and Their Long Term Effects,”, Aug. 22, 2012

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